manufactures a Diverse Range of the Highest Quality Cleaning Chemicals available to both the wholesale and retail market. has its own laboratory, from which only the very best products are developed. Our manufacturing facility produces as much as 200 tons of products per month, in the finished range and is distributed nationally and internationally. An impressive range of degreasers and detergents are available throughout South Africa from Messina to Cape Town, with a growing export market that demands only the best qualities in a product.
The names ,, and , are rapidly becoming household names in the industry.

  specialises in very High Tech cleaning products and can readily develop specialised products for Specific Type Applications.

  has a range of Industrial Products under the brand name which includes a variation of high tech degreasers, engine cleaners and hand cleaners. The hand cleaners are solvent-, paraffinic- and caustic-free products, produced only from natural, industrial ingredients for the protection of the hands and arms.

Summer Coolant and Antifreeze is an innovative new product offering a High Grade Concentrate 95% Active and a Pre-Mix 48% Active, with special features unique to this range.

The brand of detergents cater for the light industry and household and include special features like, antibacterial agents, water softeners, skin conditioners and foam stabilisers. This range is comparable with the very best products available on the market and in most cases even exceeds the best in quality.

household detergents and associated products are of the highest quality and very well placed and priced in the consumer market. These products are tested and approved to carry the brand proudly.

The combined range of standard products, are listed as follows:
High performance Summer Coolant & Anti-Freeze Concentrate
High performance Summer Coolant & Anti-Freeze Premix
50% and 100% active anti-freeze and summer coolant
Multi-Purpose Degreaser – a very powerful solvent based, water miscible degreaser
HFD 65 - a high flash solvent based, water miscible degreaser for the mining industry
K-2000 - engine & parts cleaner and tar remover
Dash Dazzle - automotive vinyl and rubber protectors and beautifiers
Super Grit - gel hand cleaner (all natural hypo allergenic).
Polybead – natural polymer grit hand cleaner “the healthy way”
Fibreflux - super absorbent cellulose fibre
Wax dazzle – super shine and buff car wash
Acon Cleaner - inhibited compilation of light acid type degreaser, lime deposits
                    and tarnish remover for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
500 - super strength, alkaline, multi-purpose degreaser. Unbelievable strength
                    in high pressure cleaners.
400 - ph10 anionic water-based multipurpose cleaner.
640 – Boosted alkaline water based high ph degreasers
Solvetech PMC 1/PMC 2/PMC 3 - range of electrical cleaners to SABS 1365
HDD1/HDD3 – medium flash heavy-duty solvent degreaser
PD1 – alkaline powder for high pressure cleaning
Industrial HDS – Heavy-Duty water-based solvent degreaser
Truck & Body Wash Shampoo – for streak-free washing of industrial vehicles
Envirodet – anti-bacterial / triple strength sanitizer
Enviro-500 - anti-bacterial / super strength alkaline multi-purpose degreaser
Ammonia Cleaner - controlled non-abrasive ammonia cleaner
4-in-1 bleach - Super Concentrated bleach-disinfectant-detergent-softener
Fabric Softener - new formula concentrated fabric softener and conditioner
Cooking Oil Cleaner Concentrate- for degreasing of burnt in fats and oil deposits
Speed Gel - anti-bacterial pine gel, disinfectant and detergent industrial strength
Bubble Bath – varied range of concentrated bubble baths with skin conditioners
Hand Dispensing Soap - high tech hand soaps (liquid) with skin conditioners, anti-bacterial
Super Multi-Purpose Cleaner - containing anti-bacterial agents, ideal for household applications
Dish Liquid - super concentrated dish liquid with skin conditioners
Blue Ice Extreme - super concentrated extra strength “salt-free” dish liquid with skin conditioners
High Foam and Low Foam Super Concentrated Washing Powders
Gold – fragrance and colour-free all purpose dish liquid for sensitive skin.
Ammonia Cleaner – All hard surface cream cleaner
Bleach – a concentrated sodium hypochlorite whitener and disinfectant
Dish – a concentrated dishwashing liquid and general detergent
Wondersoft – Concentrated fabric softener and fabric conditioner
Pine Disinfectant – Liquid pine disinfectant and sterilising agent

The entire range of products is formulated around economy and quality.

For further information and technical data supported in writing, please contact our technical division or view our website.


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